It was around 1950s upward that Arabic songs began to take a particular shape that relates to that of western songs. There are some reputable artists that have specialized only in singing the khalij songs (أغاني خليجيه) which includes Umm kulthum as well as Abel Hafez in conjunction with some outstanding composers. These sets of musicians pioneered and initiated the idea and act of how western instruments can be adopted in Arabic songs (اغاني عربيه) or اغانى شعبى (folk songs) particularly in Egyptian music. After some decades, around 1970s some other musicians as well joined the league of their mates by following the same pattern and pathway of singing. This therefore resulted to emergence of a strand known to be Arabic Pop. It was noticed that this particular strand of song is made up of a certain style of western song, which adopted the pertinent Arabic lyrics and even the instruments, virtually in the whole region of Egypt.

The combination of English lyrics along with western music and sound, took off around 1980s. This tremendous action was pioneered by a reputable and popular Arabic musician known to the first star of Middle East rock. Her extra-ordinary effort made her to use as well adopt various microphones and divers Middle East quarter tones; this therefore skyrocket her and she eventually became the first successful Lebanese artist on international and intercontinental scale. At this specific time, the Arabic songs (اغاني عربيه), began to get popular and recognized among music lovers through combination of western music lyrics and instruments.

When it got around 1960s, there was tremendous influence of pop music by the potency of Arabic songs (تحميل اغاني) and this resulted to emergency as well as development of strategic pop music, in 1990s most musicians started using the same style of music and got songs released which are download songs (تحميل اغاني) in 1996. This made most of the artist to be popular and become relevant in their profession.

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