Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original or as it is popularly referred to as SAMCRO is an American television show, which has a genre of crime and drama. Mixed up in the theme of family, loyalty the movie illustrates the struggle to keep family secrets while running illegal businesses. SAMCRO is an organization, which is a mother body of other small bike groups called chatters. Each chatter is composed of a number of members who are free to conduct themselves however, they choose. They might not necessarily be a criminal organization. Although they are free to manage themselves as they like, they all follow the general command dictated by the main chatter, which is Redwood Original.

The story behind each character is deep as each episode unveils new sides of the characters. As the show goes on, you get to become part of the show. You get to understand how things are done, knowing the rules of the gang and what needs to be done. You become part of their world. The show is very realistic given that any character can die at any time, and each death becomes very meaningful. While redemption reoccur consistently as the theme of the show, the gang struggles with dealing with enemy gangs and government authorities.

One other outstanding thing of the show is the payoffs. The payoffs delivered are so satisfying that it fills you with so much joy. The transition of the storyline and the characters of the show is also very fascinating. Is very captivating and will keep you glued to your television screen. The movie was inspired by a real life motorcycle club called Hell’s Angels. You can get Sons of Anarchy box set for $89.99 with no shipping cost charged. It is a movie that will keep you captivated and engaged the whole time.

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