The application was developed by a group of students in Canada. The students belonged to the University of Waterloo and designed the application to make kik friends. They wanted to build a platform where people of the same ages can get in touch and share their feelings. The students had the idea that everyone uses smart phones and they wanted to create a common platform to get in touch with them.
Advantages of kik friends
• Making friends overseas on the respective platform helps you to get familiar with the culture of other countries.
• You will never feel lonely if you are staying abroad in other countries as you will have common friends there too.
• The friends over the platform can be contacted at any time, and you can meet them physically to know each other.
• You have the option of downloading the dating application from the same platform and find your partner.
The application was designed in the year 2009 and released in the year 2010. Within 15 days of release, the application got popularized and more than a million of members. It was a breakthrough, and the website got a huge number of ratings and feedbacks from the people. Later the website was taken and bought by the Chinese company. The Chinese company used to run a social networking website that is called WeChat. With the deal, the company gained a great market value reached more than a billion dollars valuation. You can get kik boys and girls all over the world to get in touch with.
How to create your account?
• You need to provide all the information asked by the platform.
• You should be at least 13 years of age in order to create an account.
There are restrictions on the children under the age of thirteen years. If you know anyone below the age limit using the application, then you can inform the authorities to deactivate their account. Chat with the kik girls and enjoy all the things that are possible.

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