All smokers love to get a puff from a bong or hookah. Bong UK introduces more than 300 type’s traditional and modern bongs. They have the online selling network, not only within UK but also in the whole world. For residents of UK the delivery is available within 24 hrs of placing the order. The price of the product is kept at the minimum relative to the market price.

An ice bong is actually a glass pipe like structure, which is used for herbal smoking. The concept of water pipe smoking was introduced by China. Very soon it spread around the whole world. Bong is derived from a Thai word Baung, meaning wooden cylinder like structure which is made primarily for smoking.

The structure is nearly similar to a hookah. But it is very small and portable. The construction can be done within few minutes. The structure can be made from glass or plastic. The structure involves an it tight and water tight vessels.

There is a water chamber and a stem. The stem has a provision for keeping herbal substances at one end. The herbs may be dried tobacco, cannabis, flowers or others. Water is poured in the chamber, so that the foot of the stem remains completely submerged inside the water level. The herbal products are lightened up. The smoke enters the water chamber through the stem.

You know that water can dissolve harmful gasses and suspends heavy materials. The same happens here. Harmful products get eliminated in the water chamber and you get the clear smoke. You will have to inhale from the mouth piece.

There are also special types of bongs available online, like the ice bong and percolator bong. If you cannot choose what to buy, you can have a word with customer service staff. They can help you to select one. click here to get more information bongs online.

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