Usually, in Germany, when points re deducted from your license up to a level, you will be required to get an MPU. The process of the Medical Psychological Assessment is a nightmare for a lot of people. And so they always want to have an alternative that works without having to get the MPU. The reason why MPU is unattractive to people is because it usually involves hours of counseling with half-baked psychologists and the sessions are a horror for many people. A lot of people don’t fancy the fact that they have to spend their precious time listening to someone whom they have zero interest in listening to. And because of this, it is more convenient for them to go to other European Union member countries to get an (EU Führerschein) EU driving license that is fully valid in Germany for as long as you wish to use it. The reasons people go to other countries is simply because of the rigors of getting MPU. On the other hand, some people don’t fancy it because they don’t want to have to spend their time in something they believe is meaningless to them.

Whatever your reasons are for seeking to get a valid EU driving license without MPU (EU Führerschein ohne MPU), you should make sure that you use the services of a competent agency that will get it for you as fast as possible. A lot of people need to have their license intact. This is because driving around is probably important for their jobs and so they need to have their license fast, for people like this, they don’t have time to get an MPU, and therefore, the best alternative for them is to get a valid EU license that they can use.
Alternatively, you can also get a good driving school around the MPU (Fahrschule um die MPU zu umgehen) to secure yourself against getting a MPU. These are the valid alternatives to the MPU.

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