Every relationship has ups and downs. Even scientists say that the more you fight, the healthier your relationship with your partner is. But when the downs in your relationship are going on for a long time may be a sign that your relationship is not same as it was in the beginning and you may need to repair your relationship.
Signs you must notice:
At first, you need to identify whether your relationship is in real trouble or not. Observe that are you guys arguing with each other more than loving each other. How long the fight is going. If you find it in danger, then you must know how to fix a broken relationship.

Talk to him:
Whatever the problem is talking is the solution for most of your problem. Relationship adviser advises it to every couple and in a married couple also. Let him know what is bothering you. Let him know your concern that you want that flew happiness again in your relationship. Tell him if there is something in him that is bothering you.
Listen carefully:
As you need to let him know your problem, you must also give him the same chance. You must pay attention to listen to his words carefully without judging him. There may be something from you that is bothering him. Try to fix them as soon as you can.
Ask apology and accept from him also:
if you have already know what your fault is then you must ask for an apology from him, remember you are partners, so there is no shame to ask apology for your mistakes. On the other hand, if he asks apology from you accept that with no doubt.
Spent more times together:
To get back the love in your relationship. Convince him to do so too. Put an effort to spend more times together. You can even go for a holiday together.
There is no contact rule to get him back , but if you make an effort, you’ll know how to get your ex back.

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