After you are done with your dirty kik and deleted it, is not the end of the game. Simply hiding any personal part of the body is not going to stop you from getting recognized owing to the smartphone you use and had taken the picture with. The geo-location services can identify the place of origin of the photograph and the phone or device using which the photo was taken. There is dedicated software which can bring back the complete unedited version of the photo for whoever desires it. Hence you should be real careful in checking that the media has completely ceased to exist.
With growing fear of humiliation and embarrassment, even the snapchat nudes exchangers ask for how to get rid of the geo location from the photos. It is advisable to begin the video by covering your camera with fingers; this will begin the video in dark, preventing people from suspecting about the video when they visit the gallery of your phone, where it will exist as just a dark and black thumbnail.
The best way to send those erotic messages to the dear girl is by using the social networking sites. But you should always remember to lock your phone afterwards or sign out from the different accounts.
Dirty kik
Following these ways, it becomes really easy to sext continuously. Using Drop box for your transmission is also quite welcome. This is because everything you send or receive by it is encrypted in nature. If you do not have the software, then you can also make use of the Zip files.
Making use of the kik sluts is not as easy as using another one such software. This is because the images which are exchanged here stay that way because of which there can be problems later on.

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