If you are reading then you are most likely a devotee of Anne of green gables. A Canadian writer, Lucy Maud Montgomery, created the character of Anne Shirley — spelt with an E — when she wrote this book for women and young girls equally in 1908. Based in Canada’s smallest state and Ms. Montgomery’s home, this book is written in amazing Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. A young orphan girl, filled with the amazing imagination, eventually finds her place in a home with her brother, Matthew, Marilla, and an aged woman.

Why am I such a buff? I spent quite many summers camping in Anne land, and had been lucky enough to grow up in the nearby state of Nova Scotia. It’s truly as amazing as the movie depicts and as the narrative describes. Of course now it is quite touristy with a large number of individuals from around the world flocking to see just where this international celebrity was inspired. It’s possible for you to take a ride on the station wagon ride aroundGreen of Matthew Cuthbert Gables,or roam through the haunted woods and picture Anne and Diane’s harrowing encounter when Anne fell to the dark hole. Or you let yourself be inspired as both Lucy Maud Montgomery, and can just sit overlooking the ocean and her created character, Anne, were. One might be amused by the play in Charlottetown, or look at with the ton of Anne stores — to dolls, from cookbooks, to tshirts.

Lucy Maud Montgomery narratives are not just well-written but they are also heartwarming with favorable messages interweaved in involving the pages. It lives life to the fullest and takes us back to a more innocent age where we locate a delightful character that is full of hope. Anne lives in the current moment, adopting nature and all those around her where she finds true happiness in her relationships with both young and old. I miss this type of writer — one who inspires using an easy, clean narrative and who brings out an unconditional love for this feisty, loveable redhead. For those who have not had the chance to read these publications,

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